Are we crazy?

 Yes, I’d say so. Now let me digress…..

Who takes a 2 year old skiing? Wait, I know, the Swiss, they begin the day the child walks.  Did I ever tell you about the time I was skiing next to a little girl with a pacifier in her mouth? Yes, it happened.

Only for the purpose of humoring the grandparents, let me reenact her first skiing experience……

First, a tow rope is involved
Me: stand up and Mommy will hold onto the tow rop
Assent up mountain begins
Me: keep your skis straight
Skis veer over mine
Me: Stand up please
Skis veer over mine entire way up but disaster adverts us, the top finally appears…….and the adventure down begins. I look down and think “This is way steeper than a beginner hill……
Me: Please, Stand up
Me: Stand up
Me: Stand up, hold your skis straight (Repeat 100 times)
Me: I don’t think I’ve ever felt my thighs burn like this
Me: Wow, we aren’t even half way down, my thighs are killing
Me: What was I thinking? I am not sure we will make it down??? MY THIGHS! This is torture. (Repeat thought 100 times)…….

FINALLY we make it down.
J: Again
Me: Go ask Daddy…..

Daddy takes over, maybe he will have better luck


Is she on the ground? Appears so, so much for better luck, maybe next year


Wow, that was exhausting, we need a lounge chair


Despite the excitement shown, he did have fun


Contemplating the Pipe…..maybe in 5 years
Well, if she can’t get mommy and daddy to take her down again, at least she can enjoy some hot chocolate in the Alps.

6 thoughts on “Are we crazy?

  1. Julie! We just got back from Prague, but we have been in Germany since the end of April. We will be here till the 29th then hit Bern on the 30, Lusanne 1,2 then Zurich 3,4 and then swing by the Matterhorn before arriving in Milan where my husband is working. My e-mail is Thanks!

  2. I LOVED the way you told that ski experience with Josie! I can just imagine how it was….Next year, maybe she can be a little more self sufficient in making a pie and going forward on her own! Lovely views!

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