We took the older boys on a trip to London.  I could spend months in London shopping but since this trip was mainly for the boys our focus changed to entertaining them.
*And because we were having such a blast, we were horrible at taking pictures, so here you go, a bunch of iPhone pictures……

The Hard Rock Cafe vault, holding famous musicians guitars.


My girlfriend and I had a great time entertaining each other and scheming our next venture ideas.  I think after Julie’s first few days in Switzerland she was happy to go to London and speak English 🙂


 We were lucky enough to get some blue skies in London.
 The man in white photo bombed our pictures a few times, thank you sir.

Having some fun,  just like old times.

2 thoughts on “London

  1. I was in London a couple weeks ago and it was really hard to get a picture of Buckingham palace. Too many people. Did you get rid of your other blog? I was looking for your post on the Matterhorn.

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