When Grandma comes to town…..

A Sprüngli tea party. If you are ever in Zuerich this is a must.

We’ve been fortunate to have grandma visit us quite a few times. And she has 2 favorite cities nearby… Lucerne and Colmar, so we visited both

 Enjoying the blue skies in Colmar
 I love this picture of the kids. Who doesn’t want their own delicious baguette?
 We enjoyed bike rides and playing chess in the park
 Grilled bratwurst behind our house
 And a first for us all. A tour of an old Swiss Military bunker.  It was a pretty fascinating look into the paranoia preparedness of the Swiss.
A visit to a family favorite castle was needed.  I think Jacob is no longer enthralled with castle visits, when did he grow up so fast?
My mom can testify to our constant walking.  We have trained the kids well, but that doesn’t mean we can’t rest our legs once and awhile.
 Enjoying our bonding time 🙂
 If you know my parents you know they are really into gardens and have an amazing one themselves. We knew my mom would appreciate a visit to Mainau, a flower Island in Germany. It was a hit. We picnicked and wandered through the gardens.
Like Father, Like Son
 She swiped my hat and began posing…… oh such a girl
I had to included this picture for a few reasons….
1.My child is about to attack me with silverware (have I mentioned dining with a 2yr old is really lively)
 2. Focus….yes, my kid is putting mayonnaise on his fries (he has lived here too long)
 My mom’s favorite rock in Lucerne
 Random happenings with Grandma….Golden lions, balloon hats, circus treats, and sunshine days
They loved all the attention
 Walks with the dog
 Feeding the pony
 The night before my mom left we got tickets to Circus Knie.  It’s a family tradition to go yearly and it was great sharing it with my mom this year.  Now, before you get too excited, this is an old school circus. Think: giant tent, politically not correct performers.
And I wish I had a video of this….. But I will paint a picture. I’ll start with 1 known statement:
It is not possible to train a Zebra.
There is a reason we use horses and not Zebras to ride. Anyways…..Ringmaster calls out the horses, tricks are done, then the Zebras, are called out. No joke, all hell breaks loose. The Zebras act as if they are being tortured.  Audience members who payed an insane amount for the front row seats are wishing they were sitting in the back with us.

3 thoughts on “When Grandma comes to town…..

  1. Julie, I wanted to name our Mikah Meike…but too many people said they did not know how to pronounce it…even my german brother in law of all people! I still really love that spelling and will insist if Mikah wants to name a daughter after herself that she at least consider Meike!

  2. What great pictures you selected from my trip there! We made so many good memories!! Thank you! It was so great to be with each of you. Dad will come with me next time! I miss you, Julie!
    Mandy, I love you, too!

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