An added benefit to having my mom come was having a babysitter, so you know what that means. We got to enjoy a long weekend away.  Our destination: Dublin, Ireland.


 Blue skies, don’t let them fool you, it may rain at any moment…Beautiful Ireland


You know who this is right? Not the guy on the right, the one on the left?? I had no clue. But J sure did.  James Joyce is his name, a famous author, mostly known for his book Ulysses.  I think the highlight of J’s trip to Dublin was the James Joyce tour.  I didn’t have high hopes for this, but it actually turned out to be a very entertaining tour.

We’ve been told a visit to Dublin is not complete without a tour of the Guinness factory. So off we went.  It was a pretty informative tour in a beautiful old factory.

On the way out of the Guinness factory my ride was awaiting me 🙂

One day we rode the train out to Howth, a quaint little town on the peninsula.  A cute old man sat with us on the train and gave a thorough history of Ireland, even down to the signifaciance behind all the pubs.  Then on our way out of town, a local man followed us down the mountain telling us the history of Howth, which he said was heaven on earth.  We found the people of Ireland so friendly.

These nachos must be talked about.  Nachos don’t exist, in my mind, in Switzerland.  You decide.  In Switzerland we have had “Nachos” with tomato sauce, “Nachos” with no salsa?? and Nachos that arrived in a basket with no cheese? Seriously people.

So on that note and back to my glutton comment.  We needed to indulge into some Nachos. Maybe it has been too long?  Maybe we forgot what a big plate of cheese covered chips can do to you? Needless to say, after devouring such a plate of Nachos we felt disgusting, but we did get our Mexican food fix.


Remember those blue skies of Dublin, give it a few hours and in roll the clouds…..
Which results in a picnic getting rained on 🙂 We had a fabulous trip away, alone, a rarity these days.Thanks for holding down the fort Mom!

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