It rains a lot in Switzerland and that may be an understatement.  But most of the time it only takes driving to the Italian speaking part of Switzerland to get sunshine. There are 3 UNESCO castles in Bellinzona, which we frequently pass driving to Italy, but have never stopped.
 You mention castle, and this self proclaimed princess, yells “YEAH, CASTLE!”
 Stairway up the castle wall.
 Such a great big brother.
For safety reasons, or lack of, I took this picture for my mom. No railings, a straight fall down. 🙂
 Taking a little break
 Hiking down the castle wall. All covered in grass?
And yes, I am like my mom, I was nervous about the unprotected sheer edges, for that reason the little one was carried and boys cautioned 🙂
 At least we got one child to smile.
 I LOVE my boys,  but LOVE having a daughter too!
 The castle is pretty much right in the center of town.
Hiking back up the wall with daddy. And best part about our trip…. we enjoyed the sunshine while it was pouring rain in Zürich .

2 thoughts on “Bellinzona

  1. That was such a pretty situation for a castle & that was a scary walkway. Glad you got some sunshine…love the picture of you and Josie together! Nice descriptions….you are a good writer!

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