Camping Italia

We kicked our summer off by heading to Italy to camp with our good friends. My girlfriend and I decided we would take our kids camping for a week in Italy. We have a favorite campsite only a 2 1/2 hr drive from our house. Now don’t get too excited…’s not typical camping, it’s more like parking lot camping……
She was my first friend I met in Switzerland and we’ve been friends ever since. They moved here from the UK the same time we did. (we met online a Swiss expat forum).  Her boys are the exact ages as my boys so it was a perfect match. Best of all our boys can’t get enough of each other.
And we got a surprise guest…..Hubby was fed up with the weather, so he met up to camp for a few days.
The upside to parking lot camping Italian style is…..lots of gelato and pizza. There is no need to cook. We just ate at their delicious restaurant, multiple times a day. 🙂 Whole pizzas are 3 euros for the kids, how can you beat that?
Our afternoons were spent boating, eating gelato, swimming, and hanging out, now that is Summer.
Every night they have dancing followed by a show. One night the show was “The Best Couple of Darna” They picked 6 couples. We were picked along with 5 Dutch couples.  Did I mention the camp is pretty much Dutch?   They had tons of challenges for us but it went on forever. No seriously, it was over 2 hours.  And how did we do….drum roll please…….We got 5th place. We sucked. I even got the year wrong we were married, seriously? But it was amusing.
We had a blast camping and it was a great way to kick off our summer.

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