Città Sant’Angelo

Città Sant’Angelo is a quaint little hill Italian town in the Abruzzo region of Italy
 Daddy is a sucker for his little girl. She can’t seem to get a shoulder ride out of her mommy but a small “bitte” from his little girl, and he has a new passenger.
 Città Sant’Angelo is a small town but has a lot of charm. Many of the restaurants opened onto the town square making it a perfect place to enjoy great food and people watch.
 Our kids are magnets to all things gelato. They have special gelateria radar built in.   I might add, they are amazing little travelers, so we like to reward them (and ourselves) with gelato 🙂
 An extra big scoop
 He appears to be not excited about his gelato. But trust me, it was well received.  And is there something about being a teenager(almost) and not wanting to smile on demand?
 Just checking to see if there is anymore ice cream in there.
 An ice cream face I could kiss all day.
 Walking the streets of Città Sant’Angelo.  And it seemed, once again, we were the only tourists here. The kids were a hit, almost as much as the dog.
 The Saint of Città Sant’Angelo?
 Taking a break on the steps of a church
And what to they see??
 A view below.  It was a little hazy but to the left is the Adriatic.
Why must they grow up so fast?

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