Onda Blu Aquak Park

We spent most of our days laying on the beach but made it to the water-slides one day.  Onda Blu Aqua Park was an experience to say the least.

For a country that finds many rules optional we were surprise how rigid they were at this water-park. You ask what the kids are wearing on their heads? Bathing caps were obligatory.  Okay fine, we can oblige.  But the one I couldn’t seem to figure out….no sunglasses.  What? I can’t see without sunglasses on a bright day. lame.

The boys loved the giant water-slides. They had a fun 5 person slide you could all race against each other.

And the little one surprised us. She was right there with her brothers racing down the slides.

It was a fun day at the water park but we prefer not to have all the rules.  And for a country that follows all the rules (Switzerland) they don’t have nearas many rules as the Italians at their water-parks .

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