Rocca Calascio

 If you want to talk about a town in the middle of nowhere, this is it. Rocca Calascio is a fortress above the town Calascio, Italy.   The town sits at almost 5000 feet in the Italian Apennie mountain range, in the Abruzzo region.   It was quite obvious when driving to this town it is not visited by many.  We were the only ones on the road in the middle of tourist season.
 Seeking out small Italian towns not frequented has it’s advantages… crowds to fight, and empty trails.
 We hiked up to the old fortress ruins in crocs, probably not the best hiking shoes, but it didn’t seem to bother the kids.
 The views from above were beautiful.  There were a few tiny Italian towns you could spot in the distance.  The old ruins were fascinating.  Rocca Calascio was built in the 10th century and has been the site to many movies since. When we climbed the tower they had an area dedicated to the movies filmed there, mostly Italian, but Ladyhawke was filmed there.
 In the small town of Calascio there was one quaint hotel and restaurant.  If you are ever looking for an off the path kind of place, this is it.
 Entrance or exit? from the bathroom.
 We found some chairs to take a break in.
 This was a little church in the distance. Unfortunately it was locked so we were not able to go inside. We did manage to peak through the windows though.
 Making our way back down from the fortress.
And the benefit to being a tourist in a very small town…..we enjoyed the patio to ourselves for lunch.

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