Fall in Tuscany

Fall seemed to sneak up on us fast. The kids returned to school in August and in October were out for a 2 week break. We had to soak in more sun before winter, so off to Tuscany we went. We rented an Agriturismo in San Gimignano and spent the fall break eating more pizza, pasta and gelato, seems to be a pattern with our family.

We met up with some friends that live in San Gimignano. (We had met them on a previous trip to Venice.) They recommended that we have lunch at their favorite place. It just happened to be Dario Cecchini. We had watched Anthony Bourdain’s show about Dario. Dario is considered the most famous butcher in the world. It was a great experience and great food.


We spent some time in the butcher shop with Dario. For someone so famous in the foodie world, he was so gracious and kind. We were offered pork fat on crackers and all sorts of butcher treats.

I love how the kids just found a seat in the square to eat their gelato.


The pizza is as big as her. Check out that Florentine steak.
And for a fun fact: The difference between eating in Italy and Switzerland…..
Italy Steak 3 euro/per 100 grams. And last week we ordered a steak in Zurich for 11 francs/per 100 grams. Roughly $30 vs $90. Crazy.


The boys doing their own rendition of Michelangelo’s David.


More gelato. While enjoying our cones we were entertained with a random parade.

Florence is a favorite. Awesome shopping, food and culture.


Enjoying the day in Siena.

And because down time is always nice, we spent a lot of time just hanging out at our Agriturismo. The pool was cold but it didn’t seem to bother the kids.

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