Sister in Portugal

My little sister has been on a mission in Portugal.  She just finished and my parents and I went to pick her up in Lisbon, Portugal. It was so great to see her. It was an adventure, thanks to a broken GPS, but we didn’t let that stop us, we eventually found her.
It was great traveling around with her. We loved having our very own personal translator.
She made so many great friends and we got to meet some of them. They were so wonderful to us, from serving us a 5 course meal in their restaurant to having us in their home. What wonderful people.
We did a little sight seeing while we were there too.  She served in an area called Sintra. It reminded me a lot of The Alhambra in Spain.  Both fortresses being inspired by the Moors.
If it seems like we are eating a lot, it is because we did. We found this amazing restaurant where I had the best chicken in my life. It was so delicious. Dad, had a giant lobster. Yeah for the sea.
I had forgotten from our last time in Portugal that you pay for everything brought to your table. Yeah, that bread and butter is not free……or even the wrapped bread sticks on your plate. You touch it, you pay, which means everything when you have a kid with you.
We also did our fair share of shopping. Shopping is always so much fun with dad, he knows how to spoil his daughters  Thanks Dad!
And it just happened to be my birthday while we were all together. My dad bought a yummy cake that we shared with friends at dinner. I will always remember being sung to in Portuguese and then, I guess it is tradition, I had to sing back.
 The last night there it rained a lot but we had a fabulous time together. It made me miss my family even more but I am so glad I got to spend a week with with.

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