Agriturismo: A Unique Stay

For a unique holiday stay you might want to consider staying in an Agriturismo.

Definition for Agriturismo’s (wikipedia):

“Agriturismo – Agritourism, A blend of “agriculture” and “tourism.” A working farm that doubles as a tourist destination for “farm stays”. Some agriturismi have fine restaurants serving the local ingredients grown on or around the farm, and many offer the opportunity for guests to work the fields”

We enjoyed a holiday in Tuscany at a local Winery,  Il Buonriposo.   Not only was the stay relaxing, we also got insight into the workings of an Italian vineyard.  Strolling through the vineyard after a long day in Florence is a great way to end the day.



Many Agriturismos make their property desirable for their visitors to stay; like a pool, restaurant, bikes, etc. A stay on a farm can give you a little glimpse into the life of a local farmer, making you feel part of the cultural.
A holiday stay on a cheese farm, De Vosseburch, in the Netherlands made for an exceptional experience.  The farm is in the outskirts of Amsterdam and had much more to offer than a hotel. From cows, to chickens, to horse back riding and cheese production, we experienced it all. We felt as if we were living among farmers and seeing the best the countryside had to offer.


There are  Agriturismos all over Europe.  Before booking your next trip maybe you will consider a stay in an Agriturismo.  In my opinion, it’s a better way to experience the cultural in a country then staying in a hotel. It can also be a fraction of the cost. Here are links for Agritourism in a few countries.  Austria, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, UK, Netherlands , Spain, Czech Republic