A must see UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Alhambra

UNESCO world heritage sites are “….sites of outstanding cultural or natural importance to the common heritage of humanity.” {wikipedia definition}.  The Alhambra is just that, outstanding and more. 

The Alhambra is a fortress perched on a hilltop in Southern Spain, overlooking the city of Granada. It’s a 14th-century construction built by the Moors. 

The Alhambra is impressive in more ways than one. How a civilization was built without natural water means is more than ingenious. The man made running canals, rivers, aqueducts, and pumps throughout the Granada will make you wonder how they did it.

The architectural influence of the Moors can be seen throughout the Palace and Fortress.


 In order to preserve and keep the Fortress well maintained the number of visitors per day is limited. Because of this, I would highly recommend buying your tickets online

In the distance, you can see the Sierra Foothills, such a beautiful setting.


Advice for those traveling with small kids. Many of the areas do not allow for strollers, which means you constantly have to check your stroller, this can be a pain.  If possible, take a backpack carrier.

I am sure you will respect the beauty and all the efforts made in preserving the Alhambra.  If you get the chance take the time to visit The Alhambra, it won’t disappoint.

Have you been to Southern Spain? Would love to hear some of your favorite sites.

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