Preparing for your trip: Health Information

When you travel abroad you more than likely will want to know what type of vaccinations are recommended for your visiting country.

My family and I have obtained a WHO (World Health Organization) Vaccination card to keep track of all of our vaccinations.  Knowing what vaccinations are needed where you are traveling is important. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) offers a great website for this needed information.

 Recently we were going to travel to Egypt but because of the political unrest we put this trip on hold. But before our trip I had scheduled our family to have Hep A shots.  The above map shows the areas where you are at risk. The dark brown being High risk. My Dad contracted Hep A when I was a child and was out of work for 10 weeks, no fun, especially if it can be prevented with a vaccination.

The above map shows the Risk areas for TBE (or FSME in Europe) which is a serious life threatening disease but can be prevented with a vaccination.   Lyme disease (Borreliosis), another tick borne illness, does not have a vaccination. I contracted this in 2008 not knowing the signs. In most people a bulls-eye like rash develops. If medical help is sought soon after then high doses of antibiotics can be prescribed to help fight the disease.

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