Trip Snapshot: Strasbourg

One of my favorite cities to visit in the Alsace regions of France is Strasbourg.  Strasbourg is a enjoyable mix of France with a German influence, from food to shops.

A must see is Strasbourg’s main attraction the Cathedrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg. This breathtaking church was built in the 1200s.  Visitors are always welcome, even during mass you can stand in.  Check out their website before visiting for events held. We had the pleasure of enjoying a late night performance in the catacombs, which was astounding.


Fly, Drive or Train?

If you are visiting Paris and want to explore more of France you have all 3 options.  Since we are nearby in Switzerland, we opted for the 2.5 hour car drive. Strasbourg has a main train station as well as an intentional airport. If you are planning on spending sometime in France you may want to consider buying a France rail pass. I find renting a car  can be cheaper when traveling in a group but remember to take France toll roads and gas into consideration.  You can also check out the discounter airlines ahead of time if you want to find a deal.

One of my main draws to France is the shopping and the food. Boutique stores are abundant with styles hard to  resist. The food, well, it is amazing everywhere.  I like to research restaurants before we visit cities.  It did not surprise me to find out that the Alsace region of France was full of Michelin stared Restaurants ,with a few in Strasbourg.  One of our favorite meals to date was a priced fixed menu at  Michelin starred Le Buerehiesel.  A must do if you are dining without little kids.


Where to stay in Strasbourg?
I’d recommend staying in the city center.  You can read my earlier post on finding a hotel or I have a few recommendations that we have found comfortable.  My favorite would probably be Hotel Maison Rouge (3 star), a clean, perfectly located hotel. If you are looking for something centrally located but cheaper you may consider Hôtel de l’Ill (2 star). It’s very basic but good for location and price. The most charming and romantic place we’ve stayed  is Villa Novarina (4 star), a bit outside the city center but within a 10 minute walk.  The benefit to staying at Villa Novarina was we were within walking distance to Le Buerehisel. 

Le Petite France is at the center of Strasbourg’s charm. The river runs along cobblestone streets with shops, cafes and restaurants dotting the way.  I’d recommend taking a boat ride. You can even board an entertainment boat for those coming for the nightlife. There is quite a night life here because of the nearby University, (largest Universality in France).


And my last piece of advice, you must visit all the darling cookie shops along the way. Step in for a sample or take home a box full of delightful treats. I find Strasbourg to be a charming city, and a breath of fresh air after the hustle and bustle of Paris.

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