Trip Snapshot: Sardinia

For this week’s trip snapshot will be on the relaxing beaches in Sardinia

Fly, Drive, or Boat?

We flew to Sardinia on Easy Jet. (Not sure why we constantly torture ourselves with discounter airlines, but sometimes the deals are too good to pass up) There are quite a few discounter airlines that fly into Sardinia. Another option would be to take a ferry.   If you buy ahead, flying is usually cheaper than the ferry, but I’ve heard from friends that the ferry is relaxing, that is after you have made it to the departing port.


Home Base?

We stayed just outside Cagliari in the Quartu Sant’Elena, about a 15 minute drive.  We rented a holiday home that fit our needs. To be honest, the search for available holiday properties in Sardinia was pretty slim pickings.  Olbia, in Northern Sardinia, has more resorts than Cagliari.


A must see?
 The beaches. Beautiful, blue, breath taking beaches, it doesn’t get better than that.

We did do a few trips into the biggest near by city, Cagliari. It’s a typical Italian city, where great food can be found, but the beaches have way more to offer.  Mercato di Dan Benedetto, a large  market, was high on the list in what to see in Cagliari, not a winner for me. The shopping was sparse but gelato was plentiful. Overall Cagliari wouldn’t be a top pick. I’d recommend staying outside of the city. The smaller local towns & restaurants seemed to have more charm.
*A side note, the entire city of Cagliari has a free wi-fi by the port,  if you haven’t complete checked out of reality.

We spent most of our days relaxing on the beaches.  Since we were still in the off season we had the beaches pretty much to ourselves.
We sat on a beach with hundreds of umbrellas set up, awaiting the on coming crowds, so I imagine the summers in Sardinia are packed. (Travel in the off season months of April, May, & September, if you don’t want crowds but still want good weather)

There is plenty of ocean out there when there is no room on the beach in the summer…

Sardinia is a perfect holiday getaway if you want beautiful beaches. You have the added bonus of being in Italy and having great food at your disposal, so how could you go wrong?

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