Round-trip tickets from Europe to San Francisco for under $200

If you are flexible with your holiday planning and destinations you can find some amazing airline deals. Recently my brother introduced us to an email service that emails you incredible airline deals. Sometimes the fares are mistake fares but more than often they are 24-hour promotions.

We had no intentions in flying to the United States this year but when we received an email for flights from Europe to San Franciso for $195 round trip, it was too good to pass up.  The website with the incredible deals is called Scott’s cheap flights.   For a minimal subscription fee, you can receive weekly deals throughout the world.


We also like to use  Skyscanner as it allows you to search any date going to every location, which is convenient.  But if you are up for anything and willing to be flexible, we can highly recommend checking out  Scott’s cheap flights. 


Airlines usually offer a limited amount of seats at discount prices and they get snatched up fast.  Some are last minute deals and you need to be flexible with the dates.

2 thoughts on “Round-trip tickets from Europe to San Francisco for under $200

  • Don’t know why, but I didn’t know you had started a new blog. Lovely! Funny, but the other day I realized that I follow your sister on instagram. Didn’t have a clue you were related. On another note, We are living back in Europe again but this time, my husbands home town of Butzbach, Germany. We are looking forward to going to Sardinia for fall break. I believe you have been. Any suggestions on where to stay?

    • oh wow that is awesome you guys are back in Germany any how nice you are in his hometown. Probably really nice to have family around you. We stayed in Sardinia once and used Homeaway to book. I can not remember off the top of my head where but I remember it being really well priced because we also went in the fall and was not so crowded. That is a perfect time to go.

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