Surfing in Portugal

During the summer we visited Portugal and enjoyed a week-long surf camp and this year we thought we’d try our luck at spring surfing.  Portugal is known for its waves and has even been referred to as the European Pipeline. We are not seasoned surfers, just vacation surfers, so of course we knew we would not be surfing the giant waves of Peniche, Portugal.


Instead, we settled for a quaint little surfing town just outside of Porto, Portugal. Matosinhos proved to be the best home-base for surfing/city exploring while in Portugal. The surfing town is connected to Porto with the tram, which makes it very convenient for surfing in the morning and exploring Porto in the afternoon.

As we are a family of 5, and all different surfing abilities, we decided to sign up for a week of private lessons. Unfortunately, the weather did not corporate and we were only able to get 3 days of lessons in. But with that said, we had a fantastic time learning to surf as a family.  We surfed with a small surfing company called Surf Adventura.  They were incredibly friendly and even set our littlest surfer up with her own trainer. Check them out if you decide to surf around Porto.

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