Hiking in Engleberg


One area we enjoy visiting, in the German part of Switzerland, is Engleberg.  Hiking trails are scattered throughout Engleberg, but one of our favorites is the Kitzeltrail.  You can access the trail by taking the Brunni chairlift to the top of the mountain where you find Lake Härzlisee.

If you are ambitious, you can also hike up from the valley.  With younger children, I recommend taking the chairlift.  The half-fare and junior cards are accepted, so it makes it a reasonably priced mountain to go up as a family.

The Kitzeltrail is also know as the “tickle path”.  The “tickle path” surrounds Lake Härzlisee.  The path does not cost and is free to go around as many times as you’d like.   You get to experience textures barefoot; from rocks, mud, cold and warm water.


The views from the top are incredible. Mount Titlis is just across the way offering stunning views.  There are picnic tables and fire pits making picnicking easy.  The trail is open June through October.


There are other fun activities on the mountain including, a play area for the children and a  personal favorite, the toboggan (rodelbahn) run.

The hiking season in Engleberg usually is about mid-May through October.

Once hiking season is over you have the winter activities.  In the winter you have endless ski options. You can enjoy downhill skiing, snow-shoeing, cross country skiing and even  a horse-drawn carriage ride through the mountains.

Have you been to Engleberg? What was your favorite area?

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