Winter wonderland in Lugano

Lugano may not have snowcapped trees but it definitely has its share of a winter wonderland. It is hard not to to embrace the Christmas spirt in this quaint city.

The Christmas market begins with the lighting of the Christmas tree in the main square of Piazza Reforma and continues throughout the New Year.

(2018 Season 22.11.2018 – 06.01.2019).  Market hours are from 11.00 until 19.00 throughout the season.

Many booths are set up in Piazza Reforma and continue to wind throughout the cobblestoned streets.

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The side-streets are lined with booths and twinkling lights, making one feel the magic of Christmas.  Even after the stands close, the festivities continue in the Piazzas. Bars and restaurants offer Champagne, food and wine. The mulled-wine is perfect to keep one warm in the crisp winter air.

A stroll through Lugano can almost feel magical. Most of the restaurants have outdoor seating that seems to inctise you to cuddle up with their cozy blankets and candlelit tables .

Right outside Piazza Cioccaro  you can find the Gabbini cafe. In the Piazza there are adorable gondola-lifts where you can order fondue and have drinks. I highly recommend to reserve a gondola for dinner, as this is a popular hang-out in the evenings.

Many of the stores participate in the holiday traditions, even offering their own Christmas drinks to their clients. Wether you are just visiting this darling town for the day or for week,  you will quickly fall in love with the spirit of the holidays in Lugano.

The Magic of Christmas in

Lugano Switzerland


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