Hiking 3 Ticino Lakes: Lago Ritom, Lago di Tom and Lago Cadagno.

Lago Ritom is situated in Ticino in the Piora valley. It is used by the SBB (Swiss Railway) to generate hydro-electric power for the Swiss Railways. The lake is accessible by the Ritom Funicular during the Spring and Summer months.

The Ritom Funicular station has a fair amount of parking and is easy to arrive by car. If you are arriving by train you will need to get off at the Ambri -Piotta station and walk about 1.5 km to the funicular.

Funicular Pioatta-Ritom
24.00 CHF Return
14.00 CHF One-way
Children up to 18 years
12.00 CHF Return
7.00 CHF One-way
*under 6 years FREE
Family 2 adults + children
62.00 CHF Return
36.00 CHF One-way

The ride up the Funicular is very steep. It is one of the steepest in Switzerland with a 87.8% grade. There is a stairway following along the funicular line and once a year they actually have a vertical race up the stairs, called the Stairway to Heaven. Anyone want to join me?

Lago Ritom

Once you arrive to the top there are easy to follow trail markers.

We choose to do the 3 Lakes Hike: Lago Ritom, Lago di Tom and Lago Cadagno. There are many different marked trails you can take. The trail took us about 4 hours, but we did not walk all the way around Ritom.

Lago Di Tom

I thought the most picturesque lake was Lago Di Tom. We did the hike mid-October right before the closing of the Funicular. If you are able to hike in the summertime, the cows like to graze along this lake.

The water of Lago di Tom is clear and has a nice little beach area. There is a Swiss Cow Hut near the lake.

Once you hike past Lago di Tom you can hike to the ridge-line and see Lago Cadagno in the distance. The fall colors were beautiful. The hike we took was not difficult but there are some narrow steep parts.

Lago Ritom

We enjoyed the misty magical fall hike but would like to return this summer and do this hike on a sunny day. It really is a beautiful area in Ticino and a hike I would recommend to nature lovers.