Ticino – Hike to Salto in Maggia (Cascata del Salto)

Ticino, is located in the most southern part of Switzerland and has some truly magnificent areas to explore. { Think Swiss Alps meets Hawaii }.

About a fifteen minute drive from Locarno, up the Valle Maggia, you arrive in the village of Maggia. From Maggia you can hike to the Salto waterfall (Cascata del Salto).

There are trail markers along the way to the waterfall. The hike is a loop which is about 8.5 km and takes about 3 – 4 hours. In the beginning of the hike you climb quite a few stairs while following the trail markers to the old church and then loop back.

Map From Ticino Turismo

If you are not up for a 4 hour hike, you can easily follow the trail signs directly to the waterfall. From the valley floor you can see the direction of the waterfall, just follow along the river till you arrive at the falls.

If you decide to do the hiking loop, the trail leads away from the waterfall (up the stairs) and then loops around.

There is some parking scattered throughout the village of Maggia or a dead-end street with a few parking spaces, this is the start of the trail-head.

The loop trail starts off by going through a little (darling) brick-house trail. If the hike is not for you, follow the trail down through the vineyards to the riverbed.

Before arriving at the top of the waterfall there are some smaller waterfalls. The water is quite cold but refreshing on a hot summer day.

The Valle Maggia area is not as frequented as the popular Valle Verzasca, so it makes for a nice relaxing spot.

The trail sometime feel as if you are walking through a tropical jungle, once you arrive to the Cascata del Salto you will be greeted with beautiful misty waterfall.

Add this hike to your list, it has the perfect reward at the end of the trail, A Double-Rainbow.