A Classy, Majestic Resort in the Swiss Alps — Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

Positioned in a valley surrounded by magnificent Swiss Alps, lies the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. I have heard so many excellent things about Bad Ragaz but, until now, I have not had a chance to visit. I was blown away by the experience and wish I’d visited sooner. It’s a perfect place for a vacation for relaxation and wellness. In fact, I think the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is like Disneyland for adults, as everything you could want is in one resort. It is not a resort just for mature adults, it caters to family and young couples. The diversity of choices for restaurants and activities offers something for everyone.

Bad Ragaz is famous for their healing waters, their 36.5 celsius thermal waters, the perfect bath temperature. They have an abundance of indoor and outdoor pools, spas and saunas. In total, there are over 7300 square meters of natural thermal pools in the resort. What an incredible feature to offer your hotel guests.

The resort also has seven restaurants, private catering, many bars, a bistro and even take out sushi.  How many resorts have you been to that have two- two star Michelin restaurants under one roof, golf, spas, pools, shopping, and more? Think luxury with Swiss hospitality and you have this holiday paradise. It is very easy to see why Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is the 2021 Hotel of the year

I am not exactly sure where to begin when describing our wonderful weekend at Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. I will start by summarizing it in just two words “simply amazing“, although I am afraid that does not do it justice. From the moment we checked-in we felt catered to like we were their number one guests. Not only do they tick every box in hotel hospitality, they go way beyond.

Upon our arrival at Grand Hotel Bad Ragaz we were greeted by an entourage of staff. The reception we received at this Five-star hotel was very welcoming. We felt so carefree as we were directed to check-in while the friendly concierge took our baggage to our room.

The new reality of our post Covid-19 lives had been respected and the hotel staff was very professional and careful with their health protocols. Hand sanitizers were placed in all hallways and staff wore protective masks to help keep the hotel guests safe and comfortable.

After check in, we were escorted to the elevator and given directions to our rooms. As a family, many times we have been cramped in hotel rooms but we were given two well appointed, adjoining rooms. Our children were thrilled with their own space. There were many additional fine touches, like hand written cards welcoming our family and even gelato inspired elements & desserts in the room, as the hotel knew we had a blog named Gelato Travel. We felt like our holiday had begun!

Our room was in the recently remodeled and beautifully updated Grand Hotel Quellenhof. The rooms were spacious with every amenity you could desire. From our balcony, we were drawn to the entrancing view of the courtyard and pool, backed by the lightly snow dusted Alps. Our childrens’ room was identical to ours. Each room boasted a spacious king sized bed giving us all ample space for relaxing.  Our adjoining rooms had doors that could be closed for privacy or opened up to feel as if we are all together in a family suite. The stunning bathrooms were well appointed in marble with a gorgeous full sized bath, his and her sinks, and a walk in shower with closing doors and golden speckled flooring, making one feel pampered and spoiled. 

Our outside balcony had a small table and chairs enabling one to have a morning coffee or evening prosecco while enjoying the Swiss Alpine views. Not only were the rooms extra spacious, they both had a full sized couch for relaxing and watching television, and a lovely desk area for writing or reading. One of my favorite touches to the room was the full sized beauty mirrors and vanity. It was the perfect place to apply makeup and get ready for evening events. 

Each room had full sized, lighted cabinets with shoe shine kits, sewing kits, hangers and more. The closets were roomy and made you feel as if you could move in for a month or two and I was tempted to do just that! The rooms had a gorgeous deep blue and cream carpet, both beautiful and lush on your bare feet. The cream colors used in the rooms tied in with the blues making the decor feel royal and welcoming. The space and decor rated a ten in our books. Wow, the comfort was amazing and I, especially, loved my bed. When I can sleep restfully in a hotel bed then I know the hotel is a winner. The double pillows and comforters felt soft and luxurious. Each room had centralized air and a very modern lighting system.

The resort is connected to the Tamina Thermal public spa which offers free entrance for hotel guests. The many different pools and saunas really make it a relaxing wonderland. The whole family was able to enjoy the lovely spas and famous thermal baths that give Bad Ragaz their name.

I must say the gorgeous centerpiece to the resort is the private, guest only, Helena Bath. The decorative marble columns that adjoin the pool hall give a majestic feel to the swimming thermal spas. The relaxing lounge chairs and the grand feeling of this room are really extra special. This area is 16+, age wise, but there are many other options for the children too. I was a fan of the 16+ area, as it was much more relaxing.

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz houses four grand buildings: The Grand Hotel Quellenhof, Grand Hotel Hof Ragaz, Palais Bad Ragaz, and The Spa Suite Tower. We stayed in the Grand Hotel Quellenhof which was recently renovated with gorgeous updates that give a modern, yet grand and elegant feel. The entrance staircase is absolutely spectacular with a chandelier of more than 2500 glass bulbs. Everything is updated in a superlative manner and it is elegant in style and class.

The hotel has a fabulous addition with a family pool for the children. The family pools includes two warm pools and even a little slide and lounge beds for all. The Kindervilla is one of the many hotel amenities that makes the holiday relaxing with younger children. Our youngest is eleven but just old enough to still join in on the activities. The Kindervilla is for ages three to twelve and has activities for all ages. My daughter is a very crafty so happily spent hours creating in their craft room. The convenient daily hours from 9.30 to 17.00 gives parents plenty of time to relax and unwind in the spas without the children.

This is when my feeling of an adult Disneyland comes back into play. My husband likes to play golf and the hotel is also a golfing hotel. The hotel staff were so kind in setting up golf lessons with a Golf Professional. For my husband, this was a dream. So to have a private – one on one – lesson with a Golf Professional, was such a delight. Also, to be complimented by the Golf Professional –to be told his swing was perfect–was a boost to his confidence. It was wonderful to have a resort with golfing available. The men, my husband and sons, were able to enjoy a wonderful afternoon at the Golf Club Bad Ragaz. Our oldest son, who attends university in Zürich, was able to meet us for the afternoon at Bad Ragaz. Since it’s only an hour train ride from Zürich to Bad Ragaz it makes the resort so convenient. 

While the men were hard at play on the golf course, the ladies were being spoiled in the spa. My daughter and I enjoyed being pampered at the Barbor Beauty Spa with a pedicure, including sweet delights and coffee. It was the perfect way to end a busy day hiking in the mountains, to relax and be pampered at the spa. How wonderful is it to have a resort to cater to all the family needs.

It was incredible to have so many top notch restaurants under the roof of one resort. The first day we were able to enjoy a delicious meal at the restaurant Olives d’Or which is an Italian restaurant overlooking the beautiful grounds. The enormous windows provided a picturesque backdrop for our lunch. We enjoyed a delicious Italian meal and were happily surprised to have an Italian speaking staff, making us feel more than at home coming from Ticino. My husband enjoyed a delicate moist chicken lunch, while I had an amazing prawn, squid inked pasta and our daughter a wienerschnitzel with patatine fritte. Delicious!

One evening we enjoyed a dinner at Namun (13 GaultMillau points). A wonderful Asian restaurant at the resort. The staff were attentive and served us numerous dishes, from wontons, to spicy tofu stir-fry, and crispy duck. It was a delightful and delicious dinner to start our weekend at the beautiful resort.

Another evening we were privileged to enjoy our dinner at Verve by Sven (14 GaultMillau points). We were well looked after and our individual desires were met. We each ordered different dishes and all were more than satisfied. From the tasting menu, to the hand-made chicken nuggets, to the veal it was all par excellence! They make their own sour-dough bread and since we come from San Francisco, it was so wonderful to have some bread with the sourdough kick in it. We were beyond impressed with our dinner and it would, hands down, be a frequent restaurant for us if we lived closer. Compliments to the chef!

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz strives to use local products and food and we loved to see this touch in the restaurants and at the resort. What a great way to support the local farmers. The restaurant uses local ingredients, does a great job of explaining what is being used and serves up the meals in a superb manner. That earned a ten in our books.

The resort offers two options for breakfast. A buffet style breakfast is served at the restaurant Olive d’Or or at Verve an à la carte breakfast can be enjoyed . The first morning we opted for the buffet style as we wanted to eat and run, to explore the mountains and the next morning we enjoyed a more relaxing breakfast at Verve, the berry infused cream cheese waffles were divine.

The cocktail bar which is adjacent to the Verve by Sven restaurant serves up some of the most amazing cocktails. In the evenings we enjoyed superb cocktails at the cocktail lounge. The cozy fireplace and a lovely guitarist playing relaxing tunes created the perfect atmosphere to enjoy an aperitivo.

The bar is spacious and welcoming with a fireplace centerpiece that draws you in to sit for a while. A fun fact, Amanda Wassmer Bulgin, the wife of Sven Wassmer and Wine Director of Grand Hotel Quellenhof, helped to create the bar menu while she was pregnant so she was on the look-out for some creative non-alcoholic drinks. The complete menu has delicious cocktails, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic so they are perfect for the whole family to enjoy. After our cocktails we got a sneak peak of the wine cellar from their display, and all I can say is wow! You are able to arrange tastings in this beautiful room, surrounded with amazing wines, should you desire to do so.

Sunday was our last day as guests at the breathtaking Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. In many ways it was the pinnacle of our experience. As a family we were very excited to enjoy our last meal at restaurant IGNIV, a Michelin two star and 18 Gault Millau points. For our children, it would be their first experience in fine dining at a Michelin starred restaurant. My husband and I felt it was right up there with our experiences at Michelin starred restaurants in San Francisco, New York and Paris. Who would have thought that the Bad Ragaz Resort would house two- two starred Michelin Restaurants? Once again, it is easy to see why it was named “Hotel of the year for 2021”!

I could do a whole other blog post on our experience at restaurant IGNIV (which I plan on doing). Our lunch lasted almost five hours and was absolutely divine. They were so accommodating with our eleven year old too. They catered to her, with their own creative, child’s menu, and when she was done, they graciously called the Kindervilla to pick her up. My husband, sixteen year old and I were left to enjoy the rest of our gourmet and delectable dining experience. IGNIV means “nest” and the restaurant takes the guests along on a sharing experience. It’s not just a meal, it is an experience from the moment you are seated. We enjoyed sharing many dishes plus additional surprises, including wines paired with each of our dishes. From artichoke parsley truffles to duck liver adorned with chocolate ice cream, it was a flavor infusion of deliciousness. This two starred Michelin Restaurant IGNIV deserves it’s stars!

Not only is the area famous for its beautiful thermal spas but there are some pretty breathtaking mountains surrounding Bad Ragaz. The area is know as Heidiland and chock full of breathtaking areas. One morning, we were early risers to get a good start to our day. The hotel concierge service is wonderful in offering suggestions and arranging services. We felt very lucky to have a special day arranged for us with hotel Bad Ragaz and the Heidiland Tourism Board. Heidiland Tourism Board offered to sponsor our family on an outing in Heidiland- Flumserberg. Our plan was to hike from Tannenheim to Chrüz and enjoy all the activities offered along the way. Flumserberg mountain offers so many options for activities around the year. The mountain has really developed over the years and they have a pretty impressive rope park called CLiiMBER. The rope park has over 100 climbing stations and fun for all ages. Although it was rather cold outside, we were able to enjoy a fun morning on the mountain. After our time at CLiiMBER we hiked about 45 minutes from Prodalp to Chrüz .

As we were hiking it seemed as if the clouds enveloped us and it was very misty and magical. We finally emerged from the clouds and were greeted by the Floomzer. We have ridden many other rodelbahns while living in Switzerland, but this was, by far, the longest. What an awesome ride it was down the mountain! We will definitely have to revisit in the summer months so we can execute the Floomzer with a clearer view. Overall we had a great day on the mountain, despite the cold. A big thank you to Heidiland for sponsoring our wonderful adventure in Flumserberg. The lovely warm thermal waters were the perfect thing to warm us up when we arrived back at the hotel.

Another morning we were up early to hike to the main source of the thermal waters at Bad Ragaz that flow so freely from the Swiss Alps. Only a few blocks away from the hotel is a bus stop that will take you to the Thermal Gorges. As we were visiting in off season there was not a morning bus to take us to the Gorge, so we enjoyed the beautiful one hour walk. The hike follows the warm thermal waters with many stunning waterfalls along the way. The changing colors of the fall leaves made this an absolutely stunning hike. The waters flow freely out of the gorge and there is a narrow cave taking you to the other side of the gorge. You get to see the source of all the pools and spas, all the warm fountains and the abundance of thermal waters that come from this stunning area. This is a definite must visit if staying in Bad Ragaz.

Our days seemed to whiz by on our holiday at Bad Ragaz, with hiking, spa time, golf and meals. We had more than enough to do and keep us occupied. In fact, we would love to come back and explore even more of what the resort has to offer…the casino, the electric bikes and many other beautiful hikes in the area. Our last day seemed to creep up on us quickly. We wanted to pause time as all of us were having such a wonderful time at Bad Ragaz.

As a family, we felt pampered, spoiled, and catered to. No detail was left un-turned, from having the chauffeur service to pick up both of our sons, to all the fine details. We absolutely adore this hotel. The staff were brilliant, multi-lingual, accommodating, discreet, polite and amazing.

The hotel is five stars, and if you could give more it would deserve it. No wonder it was named “Hotel of the Year 2021”. Our family truly enjoyed our holiday and we will definitely return to our new favorite resort in Switzerland. We were won over through and through. Thank you Grand Resort Bad Ragaz for the most memorable, perfect, luxurious, relaxing holiday.

I think now it’s time for me to round up my girlfriends and return for the ultimate girls’ weekend, sipping on cocktails and unwinding in the spa…..that sounds like the perfect girlfriend escape.

Until next time……

Hotel: Grand Resort Bad Ragaz *****
Email: reservation@resortragaz.ch

Phone:+41 81 303 30 30
Address: CH-7310 Bad Ragaz

Hopefully you enjoyed our review for the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz . A massive thank you to the hotel for hosting our family. Opinions in the post are our own and based on our own personal experience at the hotel.

Also, thank you to Heidiland Tourism Board for hosting us on our mountain outing in Heidiland.