Bellinzona – Outdoor Escape Room (Ticino/Tessin)

If thinking outside of the box and solving clues peaks your interest, then I have the perfect activity for you: An Outdoor Escape Room. I first heard of Escape rooms years ago when we were visiting the states. My kids were keen to try it out, so we gave it a go, and I was happily surprised to see what an entertaining experience it was.

The idea behind the escape room is to discover clues and quickly solve tasks in order to escape the room in a limited amount of time. The popularity of Escape Rooms has since grown and we were delighted when we discovered there was an outdoor Escape Room near us in Bellinzona.

Sato Code, The Escape Room takes you on a well thought out adventure through Bellinzona. Very similar to indoor escape rooms, the main goal is to solve clues and progress through the game. This cleverly executed outdoor escape room was also the perfect way to wander around the medieval castles and old town of Bellinzona.

The game is really simple, you can play in groups of up to 4 and have multiple groups. Everyone needs their own phone as the clues are sent to your phone. This outdoor escape room was the perfect afternoon activity for our family.

With a little bit of teamwork and problem solving skills we were able to complete our mission in a timely fashion. Sato Code gets two thumbs up in our book, it’s an ideal and fun way to explore Bellinzona as a family while solving clues along the way!