Hiking Valley Verzasca – The Art path – Ticino, Switzerland

The James Bond “Golden Eye” movie helped to make this valley famous with a bungee jump scene off the Verzasca Dam. However, this valley isn’t famous only because of Hollywood, as Valley Verzasca has become a highly attractive place for tourists.

Just up the road from the damn is a medieval stone bridge called Ponte dei salti, meaning Jump Bridge. It’s a popular place for those not afraid of heights to take a plunge into the glacier waters.

During the summer months, people flock to cool off in the crystal clear waters of Valley Verzasca. We have visited this area quite a few times but on our last visit we decided to hike along the art path.

The Art Trail ( Sentiero per l’arte) begins immediately after you cross over the Ponte dei salti bridge. It is a fairly easy trail following along the Verzasca River. This trail is the perfect trail to explore as a family as there are many interactive art displays along the way and it makes for a pleasant and entertaining hike. The total distance is about 5 miles (9km) there and back. There is a bus stop in Ganne if you wanted to take the bus back, but to be honest, the hike back is a gradual down hill hike and rather easy.

The trail follows right along the river making for a very beautiful hike, especially in the fall when the leaves have fallen. Autumn is also a nice time to hike along this trail as it is popular and can get quite crowded. There are pit-stops along the way with fire-pits to roast a luganega, wurst or whatever you bring along.

The art trail is the perfect trail to keep your kids entertained as there are many interactive stations. Many of the stations have little paths built where you can place a ball and watch it roll. Since we were hiking this trial so late in the season (November) there were no balls for us to purchase at the head of the trail, but you could easily bring your own tennis-ball to use.

Despite not having a ball we were still able to enjoy some of the art along the way. There was a giant swing between a tree and a rock, sun chairs, sculptures and so much more.

Probably my favorite part of the hike was all the stone homes and little villages we passed by. Many were not inhabited but those that were were well taken after and darling.

I’d give this Art Trail hike two thumbs up….it checked all the boxes for an enjoyable afternoon: Gorgeous, entertaining and a bit of exercise. This is the perfect trail to do as a family activity as it will keep everyone entertained along the way.