Hiking stunning rock villages in Ticino – Foroglio to Calnègia

Vallemaggia, located in the most southern part of Switzerland, has some truly magnificent villages to explore. Think Lord of the Rings — enchanted villages……something straight out a fairytale. This idyllic area makes for the perfect place to explore.

We have hiked all over Ticino but I must say the hike from Foroglio to Calnègia was one of our favorites. This area is overflowing with breathtaking landscape from cascading waterfalls to green pastures and rock villages, an absolute gem of an area to hike in.

Hiking from Foroglio to Calnègia – This hike starts in the quaint village of Foroglio in Vallemaggia. The drive from Locarno to Foroglio is about a 45 drive up the valley. From here you can park in a recently built car park or along the road. You can also catch a bus from Locarno, but the hours are limited so be sure to check the schedule.

The path starts just behind the village of Foroglio and hikes up behind the waterfall. There are some steep stairs and cliff-like areas with railings, so hiking shoes are needed for the terrain.

The hike is in and back on itself, although I prefer to do loop hikes, this hike is so beautiful I did not mind repeating the path on the way back. It is about 8 km and took us about 3 hours round-trip. There are some perfect areas to stop along the way for a picnic.

Once you reach the crest of the waterfall the path starts to even out and is mostly rolling hills, the area is quite stunning. A river flows along the path and you feel as if you travel back in time hiking by old rock homes. In the summer months the cattle come up and graze, adding to the quaintness of the area.

The little rock villages and bridges along the way to Calnègia are absolutely charming. The village of Foroglio has an amazing 110 meter waterfall as a backdrop. This area of Ticino is very charming and not to be missed.