Hiking 3 Alpine Lakes in Ticino: Lago Tremorgio, Lago di Leit and Lago di Morghirolo.

I think I may have found my new favorite hike in Ticino — I did a hike with some friends and fell in love with the area. The hiking route was absolutely gorgeous, much of it was above the tree line passing by three amazing alpine lakes: Lago Tremorgio, Lago di Leit and Lago di Morghirolo.

I hiked with one my friends who has probably hiked more Swiss Mountains than anyone I know, Tanya at Swiss Family Fun. It was great having a trail guide, instead of being a guide. Tanya mapped out the route before we left and made sure there was a bus to take us back to our car, as we did not do a loop hike. We started at the parking lot in Rodi and went up the funicular.

La teleferica Rodi – Tremorgio Strada di Rodi 43, 6772

Opening Days and hours:
06.06.2020 – 18.10.2020 from 7.30 -19.00
Adults: 20 chf Return – 10 chf one way
Teens/Students : 16 chf Return – 8 chf one way
*Children under 6 Free
*Family (2 adults + 2 kids) 50 chf Return – 25 chf one way

After a five minute ride up the funicular you arrive at the top, near Capanna Tremorgio. We started early so lunch was not on our radar, but you can have lunch at Capanna Tremorgio which overlooks Lago Tremorgio. There is a short loop hike around Lago Tremorgio but we planned to hike for all day so we skipped the loop and headed up the mountain.

We followed the trail markers to Capanna Leit and Lago di Leit, which was about a 1 hour 15 minute hike from Lago Tremorgio. The beginning of the hike climbs a bit up-hill but was a fairly easy trail at this point.

The views at Lago di Leit are beautiful and very relaxing with the fresh mountain air. The best part was there was no one around. I think hiking mid-week in September probably had something to do with that, but it was really peaceful just hiking on our own (Except for the helicopter which was making deliveries to the Capanna).

The hike from this point on became a little more difficult, at one point we scaled some rocks with the help of a chain, and the terrain became quite steep in some parts. You definitely need proper hiking gear to do this hike. From Lago di Leit we hiked about another 2 hours to Lago di Morghirolo. This lake was my favorite of the 3 lakes.

The water of Lago di Morghirolo was glacier cold and crystal clear with beautiful green mountains jutting out of the water, absolutely stunning. We took some time to relax and enjoy our accomplishments, as the rest of hike was pretty much downhill from here.

About a 20 minute hike down from from Lago di Morghirolo you reach Capanna CAS. This was our stop for lunch. The staff at the Capanna were super friendly and catered to our needs even though the lunch hour was over. We enjoyed some delicious handmade gnocchi with incredible views. The perfect place to soak in the views and rest our tired feet before our last 2.5 hour decent.

The decent from Capanna CAS Campo Tencia to Dalpe is about another 2.5 hours. You pass a few rivers and waterfalls along the way ending in Dalpe near Cascata di Piumogna. We had a bus to catch so unfortunately did not have time to take the detour to Cascata di Piumonga. (just another reason to return).

Dalpe is a small village with a little bus stop. A few people had parked in this town and did the reverse hike we did. I imagine it would be harder in this direction, as mostly up-hill, where our last 2.5 hours was all downhill. The bus from Dalpe is about a 10 minute bus ride back to the parking lot in Rodi.

The hike took us all day, with our many pit-stops taking in the views, but overall it was fantastic.. We clocked 13.5 km which I would say was a pretty decent hike for the day. (Just to get an idea we rode the funicular up at 9am and arrived back to the parking lot just after 6pm).

This hike is one for the books and one which I would happily do again any-day.