Nestled in a valley in Sud Tyrol and surrounded by the jagged peaks of the majestic Dolomite Mountains, is the Cavallino Bianco Family Spa Grand Hotel, an all inclusive family paradise. It is the perfect place for a family holiday.

This marvelous hotel prides itself on its ability to cater to all ages and to create enduring, magical moments for both adults and children. You are able to bond over family fun and yet have personal time to relax and enjoy the amenities.

The hotel’s motto is engraved on a wooden carved tree in the lobby and includes these 4 symbols: KID Time, MY time, TWO time, and FAMILY time. This motto suggests the perfect blend for using your vacation time to its fullest! While your children are engaged in play time with the staff, you may find yourself lounging in the sauna or connecting with your significant other.

It is easy to see why the hotel has won multiple awards and was voted the best vacation hotel for families year after year. The Cavallino Bianco Family Spa Grand Hotel makes your entire family feel so welcome and comfortable.

As it is a family hotel all rooms are designed with details that have your family in mind. The spacious room has a separate area for parents and one for children.

Particular thought has been given to child safety and comfort features in each room, such as protectors on the corners of furniture and outlets placed away from sinks, and the stairsteps that are included so little ones can reach in the bathroom. This family hotel has the feel of a 5 star hotel with all of its amenities and bells and whistles.

The rooms are sparkling clean and the decor gives a lodge-like ambience to the rooms which is perfect for the mountains. Each room has full sized cabinets and closets to make you feel that you can move right in and stay for a while. The double bed and pillows feel luxurious and they even have little night light switches for the kids. The views in the entire region are magnificent and may be the crowning feature of the room.

The choices for family activities are many and varied at the Cavallino Bianco Family Hotel as amenities include heated indoor and outdoor pools for adults and kids, as well as a spa, sauna, grotto for the whole family, gymnasium, classes for everyone, as well as multiple dining rooms and playgrounds. It is truly a dream vacation spot for the whole family.

All of the indoor and outdoor pools and spas seem to invite you to come on in and relax and enjoy! . Since it is a family resort it caters to families and the kids are welcomed in all pools and spas. A children’s pool with waterslides and multiple activities is available for the smaller kids. You feel as if the whole family can relax and be together in this favorite activity.

For ME time or COUPLE time there is a sauna for 18, plus, people. The kids can hang out and play in the daycare activity centers without the parents having to be concerned. The kid zones are full of activities from jumping balls, to castles, to crafts.. Couples can really relax and savor some peaceful moments in the sauna and other relaxing areas. 

The Spa and Wellness center is the perfect place to unwind after a long day on the snowy slopes in the winter, or in other seasons, after a hike in the beautiful countryside surrounded by the majestic Dolomite Mountains. The heated water of the spa is soothing to both body and soul. Quietly relaxing or sharing conversations are each possible. 

There is really not anything that is off-limits to the kids, minus the Sauna, as this hotel is all about families, and they attempt to anticipate every need to make sure that your family has a fabulous time and creates lasting memories together.

The kids areas have activities for all ages, so your younger child can play with a plethora of engaging toys while your older one enjoys instruction in hands-on pizza making. The kids will be well entertained and it might be hard to pull them away.

The resort can be half board – including breakfast and dinner or full board including all three meals.

The family friendly restaurant caters to families and offers kid friendly meals to adult fine cuisine.

We enjoyed many delicious meals from Florentine steak to local cuisine specialties. The vast menu makes it easy for everyone to feel satisfied. The friendly staff are attentive and helpful to your desires.

The fireplace centerpiece of the Posta bar is quaint and welcoming. Following the family theme, kids are welcome to come and sit with their parents in the bar. As parents enjoy an evening toast the little ones can have fun playing on the little scoot cars scattered around the room.

Cavallino Bianco Family Spa Grand Hotel deserves the name of Grand for a reason. The focus is on families and all things possible for their fun and for their relaxation and for their enjoyment. Guides are available to take you on organized hikes so you can enjoy the local beauty. The hotel even has 2 mountain huts with stunning views of the Dolomites where they plan and hold barbecues for the hotel guests during the summer months.

The hotel has a daily agenda posted in the elevators and hallways. The mountain guides will take you on hikes and show you around the area.

One morning we were given the opportunity to participate in a family hike taking us around the town and we learned much about its interesting history while our eyes drank in the beauty of the region. We could choose between two hikes- a half day or a whole day hike. This gives options to families with younger children.

Another day we were lucky enough to have a guide who took us up Alpe di Siusi on an absolutely beautiful and stunning hike, all family friendly, as well. Having a local show you around is ideal and interesting. What a happy surprise to see that tours were offered to the hotel guests. The hotel even has e-bikes you can rent to take on a bike tour. The gracious and friendly staff are at your beck and call to answer any questions and set up anything you’d like. 

Cavallino Bianco Family Spa Grand Hotel- is Grand in every way. It specializes in family fun and involvement and helps in balancing and creating a never to be forgotten vacation. Their motto says it all:  “It’s Family Time – Live it Now.” I know our family made lasting memories together during our stay at this unique and beautiful hotel and we came away rested and renewed! 

Cavallino Bianco Family Spa Grand Hotel ****
Address: Strada Rezia, 22, 39046 Ortisei BZ, Italy
Phone:+39 0471 783 333

Hopefully you enjoyed our review for the Cavallino Bianco Family Spa Grand Hotel A massive thank you to the hotel for hosting our family. Opinions in the post are our own and based on our own personal experience at the hotel.