About Us


Family living and traveling abroad

Hello! Buongiorno! Guten Tag! We are a California Family who packed 8 suitcases and bought 1 way tickets to Europe in 2007.  We have been living abroad ever since. Our home base is in Switzerland but we love traveling the world.

We enjoyed living in the German speaking part of Switzerland for 6 years but the Alpine climate was hard on us Californians, so, after 6 years we packed up and moved to the Italian speaking part of Switzerland, near beautiful Lake Lugano.

The kids have amazed us with their languages skills and, to be honest, that is one of the reasons we move abroad, to expand our horizons. We wanted our kids to learn other languages and experience other cultures.  We hope to share some of  our adventures with you on our blog. Our blog is made up of personal experiences we have had living abroad and also some useful information on places we have visited. We love traveling as a family and discovering new places and cultures. Thanks for stopping by.