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9 things to see in Paris with kids

  Paris is considered one of the most romantic cities in the world, add the kids to the equation and maybe the romance goes out the window, but it is still an amazing city. We have visited Paris in all stages of parenthood......babies, toddlers, teenagers, and we always go back for more. We absolutely love… Continue reading 9 things to see in Paris with kids

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Castles, Palaces, Walled Cities

Traveling with kids can be daunting, especially if you fail to keep them entertained. Thankfully, there are thousands of castles in Europe. Seems like everywhere we go there is a castle to explore. The kids are fascinated with castles (think...dungeons, dragons, swords). We have explored our fair share of castles and I thought I would… Continue reading Castles, Palaces, Walled Cities

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Trip Snapshot: Strasbourg

One of my favorite cities to visit in the Alsace regions of France is Strasbourg.  Strasbourg is a enjoyable mix of France with a German influence, from food to shops. A must see is Strasbourg's main attraction the Cathedrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg. This breathtaking church was built in the 1200s.  Visitors are always welcome,… Continue reading Trip Snapshot: Strasbourg

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Trip Snapshot: French Riveria

Destination:  Nice, France The city of Nice is located on the French Riviera in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur. Fly, Drive or Train?   We drove from Zurich to Nice.  We use Mappy to calculate what the road tolls will be. Switzerland requires a Vignette to drive on their highways. It's only chf 40 yearly but driving in… Continue reading Trip Snapshot: French Riveria

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A weekend away in Strasbourg

While my mom was here she watched the kids so Jason and I could enjoy a weekend away. We decided on Strasbourg, France which meant amazing food and great shopping, both a favorite of mine. We made reservations for Buerehiesel, a Michelin stared restaurant. It did not disappoint. The restaurant itself was located in the… Continue reading A weekend away in Strasbourg

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Camping les Lupins

The boys had so much fun camping they wanted to go again 3 days later. We figured since school was starting the next week we should take advantage of the time off. So we went camping in Seppois-le-Bas, France, only about an 1 1/2 drive. Nothing beats a bottle and a chocolate cookie, yum! Getting… Continue reading Camping les Lupins