9 things to see in Paris with kids


Paris is considered one of the most romantic cities in the world, add the kids to the equation and maybe the romance goes out the window, but it is still an amazing city. We have visited Paris in all stages of parenthood……babies, toddlers, teenagers, and we always go back for more. We absolutely love Paris and what it has to offer .


1. Eifel Tower

Of course, the Eifel tower is a must. Deciding on how to see it with kids is another thing. You have 2 options. You can take the stairs or the elevator. The walk is only about 10-15 minutes up. (704 steps)  The view from the 2 level is actually the best view of Paris, in my opinion. If you take the elevator make sure you get in the right line as there are 3 different Elevators. If the little legs get tired of walking maybe the elevator is the best option.

One year we showed up with a stroller only to be told we needed to fold the stroller up and carry it up with us (we had not purchased the elevator tickets ahead of time).

You can buy your tickets to take up the elevator. Tickets for the stairs are first come first serve. If visiting Paris for a few days, I would recommend the Paris Pass. With this Pass you can skip many lines and who wants to wait in line with kids?

A must after a visit to the Eifel tower is a picnic on the grounds. Not far from the Eifel tower there are grassy fields perfect for laying a blanket on and letting the kids run around. Some of our best memories are hours spent just relaxing on the grass by the Eifel Tower.





2. Notre Dame

“I know, I know, another church to visit,” we usually say to the kids but I think the gargoyles attracted our kids to this church. If your kids are like ours (movie buffs) you may hear something about the Hunch Back of Notre Dame. The stained glass windows are breathtaking. It is easy to see how this church is one of the most famous sites in Paris.

If you are not tired of climbing stairs, the view from the top is worth it. You will need to buy a ticket to climb the tower.   Tickets are not needed to enter the church but you will have to wait in line.




3. Louvre

I know the thought of a museum with kids can scare most parents away but why not start them young? Our kids have been visiting museums since there were babies. I must say the toddler age can be difficult but if you are in Paris you should not pass up the opportunity to visit the Louvre. The Louvre is one of the largest museums in the world and can be overwhelming, obviously, you can not see it all in one day.  We like to prepare the kids before hand. Giving them a few artists to be on the look out for etc.




4. Cruise the Seine

When your feet have just about had enough, hop on a boat to cruise the Seine. There is hop on hop off boat that make it nice to see Paris from the river. There is always something about a boat that makes it seem more enjoyable for the kids. We have enjoyed cruising by the Eifel Tower both during the day and night for some good picture taking.




5. Orsay museum

The museum offers guided tours for kids that make it more enjoyable for them. Admission for kids is free. The museum itself is a beautiful site. It is easier to tackle than the Louvre because of the smaller size, but a great museum to visit, even if just for a few hours to show the kids some of your favorite artists.




6. Arc de Triomphe

Being one of the most famous monuments in Paris, it is a must.  The Arc de Triomphe is at the end of the Champs-Élysées, which is the famous shopping street. We enjoy strolling down the street which is lined with stores for the whole family.

You can climb to the top of the Arc de Triomphe which has stunning views below.



7. Versailles

The Palace of  Versailles is outside of Paris but worth a day trip out to see. Maybe a good break for the kids from the city. The grounds and the palace itself are stunning.  I recommend buying your tickets online to avoid the lines. Our first visit to the Palace we waited in line over an hour just to buy our tickets.

I also recommend making sure your kids use the restroom before the tour. We could not locate a restroom in the Palace and we were forced outside again to wait in line.

The kids enjoyed the visit here very much. Pack a little picnic to eat with the kids in the gorgeous gardens.




8. Sacre Coeur

The hike up to Sacre Coeur may be hard for the kids but it is worth it. The church sits perched up on the hill and there are stairs leading up to it. The stairs are great to just sit and people watch with the kids. The church is free to enter and offers an audio guide you may want to download beforehand for the kids.




9. Disneyland Paris

If the kids have happily visited all the above sites with you, why not reward them with a day in Disneyland Paris? Our first visit to the Park we were delightfully surprised at how much it resembled Disneyland California. Being California natives I must admit it was weird to be at the park in such cold weather, but our kids absolutely loved Disneyland Paris.

For us, Paris has always been a city our whole family enjoys. There is so much to do and see. This is just a short list of the hundreds of things to do and see in Paris with kids, but a good start. Traveling with kids can be daunting but it does not have to be. A little pre-planning, few pit stops at parks, picnics and breaks make the whole experience much more enjoyable for the family.

Have you been to Paris as a family? We would love to hear what you enjoyed the most?



Castles, Palaces, Walled Cities

Traveling with kids can be daunting, especially if you fail to keep them entertained. Thankfully, there are thousands of castles in Europe. Seems like everywhere we go there is a castle to explore. The kids are fascinated with castles (think…dungeons, dragons, swords). We have explored our fair share of castles and I thought I would highlight a few of our favorites.
The Neuschwanstein Castle Hohenschwangau, Germany
One of the most famous castles in Europe
We have visited here a  few times, as the kids like to call it their castle. Neuenswander is a family name, so the kids feel they have a claim to it….. wouldn’t that be nice.
The castle is in Bavaria, Germany.  Since it is famous,  I recommend buying your tickets online.  We have waited hours in peak season for a tour.  A tour is included with the purchase of a ticket .
You have the option to tour both castles. The other, smaller castle, was King Ludwig II fathers’ castle.  If you want to get an idea of the time period furniture and decor, I recommend also touring the Hohenschwangau Castle.
Once you buy your ticket you have to walk up to the castle. The walk is beautiful in the summer but freezing in the winter. I recommend, especially with kids, taking the bus or hiring a carriage to the top. The horse drawn carriage was a favorite for our kids.
The Prague Castle – Prague, Czech Republic
The Prague castle is noted to be the biggest castle in the world.  To me, it seemed like a little city in itself. There are many churches and palaces all built within the walls.

There are different types of tickets you can purchase to tour the castle.  Decide which works best for you. A “long visit ticket” may prove too long for little kids.
* A note to the reader, the castle may appear closer than it really is. You may find that your mid afternoon stroll turns into a walk filled with tears and ice cream bribes.  It’s recommended, by me, a fellow “let’s walk – it looks close” person, to just take the tram.


The Sanssouci Palace – Potsdam, Germany
Palace of Frederick the Great, King of Prussia 

The grounds of the Sanssouci Palace reminded me of the Palace of Versailles, seemingly going on forever.  Potsdam is just outside Berlin and home to many summer Palaces. The above picture does not do justice. The grounds are immaculate with multiple Palaces scattered throughout.
You can buy tickets for a guided tour upon arrival.  The area is crawling with tourists during the summer, but we found  the lines were manageable.  If find yourself in Berlin and need a break from the city touring, I can highly recommend taking a break in Potsdam.



Palace of Versailles – Paris, France

It’s only fair if I make a comparison to the Palace of Versailles, I also review it.    Home to Louise XIV The Palace of Versailles is fascinating.  For our kids it was also a great history lesson regarding the French Revolution.  The grounds are just as amazing as the inside. I found this castle to be so ornate in detail, unlike the inside of the Neuschwanstein castle.
Buying your ticket ahead is highly recommended. This is a definite must see while in Paris.

 Château du Haut-Kœnigsbourg – Orschwiller, France


Overlooking the Alsace valley of France, this Chateau has a breathtaking view.   The few time we have visited, spring and summer season, we have had no problems with the lines. You can purchase your tickets upon arrival and go on a self guided tour.The castle has some impressive furniture inside its apartments.  Our kids were kept entertained with the drawbridges and cannons along the tour.


Rothenburg ob der Tauber – walled city in 
Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany
 This little city is, by far, the most darling medieval town we have visited. The town is completely surrounded by a wall. A walk around the city wall is a must. Guided walks through the town are offered to fill you in on the history.  I’d recommend the night tour with a medieval guide carrying a torch to light your way. You can visit the tourist center inside the wall to purchase your tickets. The town is also famous for the shop Wohlfahrt, another must see. 
Château de Chillon – Montreux, Switzerland
This Castle sits on Lake Leman, in the French speaking part of Switzerland. You might ask- what’s so cool about his castle? You can hire out the castle for birthday parties (weddings too). How cool is that?  Besides being able to party in the castle, you can also tour it.  You can purchase a guided tour and get an in depth history lesson.
Carcassonne – More than just a board game, 
a walled city in Carcassonne, France
Our boys asked for years to visit Carcassonne. The only knowledge they had of this city was from a beloved family game we play, Carcassonne. So, when we informed them we would take a road trip there, they were ecstatic.
The fortified city has it’s own drawbridge and 53 towers to watch out for the enemy (in the past, of course).  I could best describe the city as imagination-gone-wild for the kids.  No tickets are needed.  It’s free to explore the grounds.  You can walk through the walled city anytime but many of the restaurants and shops are closed  in the off season (winter months).
Civita di Bagnoregio – Civita di Bagnoregio, Italy
And in the spirit of walled cities I figured this city needed to be mentioned. The city itself, perched up on a hill, is a site to see.  No cars are allowed in the city,  you must park before crossing the bridge. There are a few spots of metered parking close to the bridge. From there you can walk across the bridge to the beautiful town of Civita di Bagnoregio.  No tickets are required to tour. The town is pretty secluded but it’s a great little town to explore. Not to mention, a breathtaking picture.