A weekend away in Strasbourg

While my mom was here she watched the kids so Jason and I could enjoy a weekend away. We decided on Strasbourg, France which meant amazing food and great shopping, both a favorite of mine.

We made reservations for Buerehiesel, a Michelin stared restaurant. It did not disappoint. The restaurant itself was located in the middle of a park in Strasbourg, a beautiful setting. We had the first seating at 8pm and arrived a little early to see the staff through the window enjoying their own meal. That would be a bonus to working somewhere like this, amazing food, before work. We ordered the prix fixe menu which consisted of:

Amuse bouche

Emincé de coquilles Saint Jacques de la Baie de Morlaix au citron, topinambours à l’huile d’olive

Schniederspaetle et cuisses de grenouille poêlées, au cerfeuil

Bar de ligne rôti, nage de coquillages au citron confit

Pomme de ris de veau rhônalpin meunière, truffes et purée de Mona-Lisa

Gigue de chevreuil d’Alsace rôtie, épaule confite, fruits et légumes d’automne, purée de céleri et champignons des bois

Plateau de Fromages

Biscuit mirliton, crémeux et chibouste au chocolat Nyangbo, sorbet au jus d’orange frais

Neither of us speak French but Jason knows enough of the French words for food that we had a good idea of what we were eating.

Self portraits with our cell phone. 🙂 It was a first for frog legs for us. I think it’s possible to make anything taste delicious in a good reduction sauce.

The best course was the ris de veau (enlarged thymus gland from a calf). Doesn’t sound appetizing but was amazing.
The French are known for their sous-vide cooking (vacuum cooking in a plastic bag for hours) I only knew about this because Jason loves to cook and has tried this method in the past. Anyways, if you don’t want something PERFECTLY cooked, this is the way to go and the only method used at Buerhiesel.

Camping les Lupins

The boys had so much fun camping they wanted to go again 3 days later. We figured since school was starting the next week we should take advantage of the time off. So we went camping in Seppois-le-Bas, France, only about an 1 1/2 drive.

Nothing beats a bottle and a chocolate cookie, yum!

Getting ready to go fishing

Jason helping the boys with their fishing lines

Patiently waiting to catch a fish, no fish were caught.

Too young to fish, maybe next year.

The Alsace region is famous for the Stork. They migrate to France in the spring/summer months and then down to Africa in the winter months. There were tall poles all over town with giant nests on top.

Every morning the nests had a pair of birds in each nest.

Playing a little game of ping-pong. The camping area was very relaxing and they even had a pool.

What a cutie!


My sister Megan came to visit for the summer so we planned a few trips while she was here. So while Jacob was at scout camp we flew to Paris for a few days……

It just so happened the weekend we planned to be in Paris the Tour de France was finishing up in Paris. It was crazy crowded.

All decked out in the gear to support The Tour de France.

Here comes the parade before the bikers finish the race.

We took a boat tour this time and I’d highly recommend it. It was a great way to see a lot of the sites in such a big city. Paris is beautiful!

Looking up at the Sacré Coeur. We got hassled by a few guys and all ended up wearing bracelets

Outside the Louvre. Enjoying an afternoon lunch on a gorgeous day in Paris.

Paris is such a romantic city. One day Jason and I will go without the kids

The kids really had fun with Aunt Megan. Josie even warmed up to her.

This picture is a little blurry of Jonah, but notice the guy in the background……. We were all sitting on the grass and their was a lady on a bench going into labor, or so we thought. The lady did a good job of playing it out and these 2 men were trying to help her lay down, etc. Then we all realized it was French Candid Camera…..ha, ha. It was funny!!

The Notre Dame. We’ve traveled enough to learn some tricks. When there is a big line to get inside a church, you enter in the exit. Megan thought we were kind of funny doing that, but it works 🙂

A view from on top of the Eiffel Tower

Meg and I had lots of fun together!!!!

Easter in Paris

We stayed in the Le Marais district in Paris.  It was so nice to be in walking distance of the Lourve, Notre Dame, MoMA, great shopping, Restaurants,  and so many other sites. We enjoyed staying right in the center of Paris. Even if we were on the 3rd floor and had to lug the stroller up and down,  it was totally worth it.
Easter morning was a relaxing morning. We all slept in and the the kids had fun checking out what the Easter bunny brought them.
Checking out her Easter candy, even though she couldn’t eat it, it was fun to play with.
The little one was really into the bubbles. She got so excited every time the boys would blow the bubbles.
The flowers in bloom
We’ve mastered the tri-pod family picture taking
The Kiddos
A view of The Sacré-Cœur