Hiking Monte Brè in Lugano

After years of living in Lugano, I figured it was about time I hiked Monte Brè. More than once I’ve been told that Monte Brè has some of the best views over Lugano, and that I never doubted. But now I can concur, Monte Brè offers breathtaking views.

You have a few options when hiking Monte Brè. First, you can hike up or down. As we only had the morning to hike we opted for the easier hike, going down. The 5.5 km (3.4 miles) hike down Monte Brè was fairly straight forward with well marked out hiking paths along the way. It took us about 1.5 hours to hike down.

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Hiking 3 Alpine Lakes in Ticino: Lago Tremorgio, Lago di Leit and Lago di Morghirolo.

I think I may have found my new favorite hike in Ticino. Last week I did a hike with some friends and fell in love with the area. The hiking route was absolutely gorgeous, much of it was above the tree line passing by three amazing alpine lakes: Lago Tremorgio, Lago di Leit and Lago di Morghirolo.

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Hiking Monte Lema to Monte Tamaro – in Ticino Switzerland (Tessin)

We have been in Ticino for almost seven years now and this hike has been on our radar since year one. I think it took us so long to do this hike, as we were never quite sure of the logistics of how to do it. Lema to Tamaro is a one-way hike, well obviously, you can do it RT, but hiking for 10+ hours in a single day is a little much. Not to mention the funiculars close, so you would have to hike down the mountain.

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