Italy’s Best Kept Secret: Umbria

Like a well kept secret, the gorgeous area of Umbria lies between the more famous areas of Italy, Tuscany (Florence) and Lazio (Rome). With it’s rolling hills, olive groves, vineyards and Italian terrain Umbria boasts a beckoning, pastoral beauty that should not be missed. Our family took delight in a recent weekend retreat there. After months of being cooped up inside, due to Covid, we were so ready for our holiday. During our stay we noticed that Italy had implemented excellent health protocols but we were able to, especially, relax in Umbria as there was hardly anyone around.

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Top 3 beaches along the Tuscan coast


Most people do not think of the beach when they think of Tuscany.  The thought of rolling green hills, vineyards, and quaint villages come to mind.  If you have yet to discover the beaches in Tuscany,  I would highly recommend a getaway to Tuscany.


The beaches along the Tuscan coast spread for miles from Marina di Carrara to Forte dei Marmi and down past Viareggio. We’ve spent our last two spring holidays in Tuscany and have really enjoyed the beaches.

Most of the beaches along the Tuscan coast are private, although there are public beaches sprinkled throughout. Viareggio has a nice sized public beach, along with La Lecciona Lido, and also a small public beach in Forte dei Marmi. If you are looking for a public beach, you can find them but the private beaches have much more to offer.


Many of the private beaches have swimming pools, restaurants and bars.  You can rent an umbrella and chairs for the day, usually 2 or 3 chairs per umbrella. For a family of 5 we usually need to rent 2 umbrellas, most ranging from 30 to 70 Euros a day.  Some of the private beaches offer discounts for families, you just need to inquire.  If you are staying at a local hotel, the hotel may be able to negotiate a better rate for you.


In Viareggio I can recommend the private lido Nuova Italia. Their pool is pristine and a great place to cool off after an afternoon on the beach.  The only downside to Nuova Italia is they do not have a restaurant but it’s not a problem to leave and return. Once you rent your umbrella, it is yours for the rest of the day.

Just north of Viareggio is Camaiore where I’d recommend the private Lido of Primavera. They have a delicious restaurant, along with a pool, playground for the kids, and beach chairs to rent.

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The Tuscan coastline is amazing, there are so many choices of beautiful beaches along the coast.  Our top 3 picks for the beach and cities to stay in:  Forte dei Marmi, Viareggio, and Camaiore.

Have you been to the Tuscan coast? Drop us a line and let us know where you stay when you visit.