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Quick 3-day Itinerary for Switzerland (Swiss Alps)

Many people reach out to me looking for advice on visiting Switzerland, in-particular the Swiss Alps. I have created an easy itinerary of what I would recommend on your first visit to Switzerland. If you have more time, of course, I would recommend visiting so much more of Switzerland. But if it is just the… Continue reading Quick 3-day Itinerary for Switzerland (Swiss Alps)

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Cervino – The Italian-side of the Matterhorn

When most people think of the Matterhorn they think of Switzerland, but the Matterhorn shares a border with both Switzerland and Italy.  It is located between the Canton of Valais in Switzerland and the Aosta Valley in Italy. The famous peak may look a little different from the back-side but  the views will still leave… Continue reading Cervino – The Italian-side of the Matterhorn

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5 must-do hikes in Ticino, Switzerland

1. Monte Generoso Mount Generoso offers breathtaking views of both Switzerland and Italy. There are many different hikes leading  to the top, most of which you can find here.  We have taken the shorter (4 hour) hike from the Bella Vista parking lot.  You can take the train from Riva San Vitale, hike from Mendriso,… Continue reading 5 must-do hikes in Ticino, Switzerland

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Skiing in the French Alps

In a small valley, nestled between the French Alps, lies the little town of Valliore. We booked our family New Year's holiday here. Soon after we had booked our stay, we read it was "The best kept secret..." And sure enough, we may have to agree.   This resort town is located in the Rhône-Alpes region in… Continue reading Skiing in the French Alps

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Hiking in Engleberg

One area we enjoy visiting, in the German part of Switzerland, is Engleberg.  Hiking trails are scattered throughout Engleberg, but one of our favorites is the Kitzeltrail.  You can access the trail by taking the Brunni chairlift to the top of the mountain where you find Lake Härzlisee. If you are ambitious, you can also… Continue reading Hiking in Engleberg

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Climbing Monte Generoso in Switzerland   We have a view of Monte Generoso from our bedroom window and have wanted to hike it for years.  Finally, this last weekend we made the climb. Mount Generoso offers breathtaking views of both Switzerland and Italy. We did a bit of research before climbing the mountain. There are a few options to… Continue reading Climbing Monte Generoso in Switzerland

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Hiking up Monte San Salvatore in Lugano

  If you want a workout with breathtaking views this is the hike for you. We hesitated to do this hike, as our youngest is only 7, but we gave it a go and it was well worth it.       To begin the hike, you can park in the Funicolare parking lot at:… Continue reading Hiking up Monte San Salvatore in Lugano

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Skiing in the Dolomites

The Dolomites are in the Northeastern part of Italy encompassing the provinces of Belluno, South Tyrol, and Trentino. The whole area is actually a UNESCO world heritage site and we were lucky enough to finally make a visit there. We decided we wanted to take a family ski trip this year and, although Switzerland is… Continue reading Skiing in the Dolomites

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The Matterhorn

Many are familiar with the Matterhorn because of the Disneyland ride, but a visit to the real Matterhorn will not disappoint. The Matterhorn is located in Southern Switzerland on the border of Italy and Switzerland.  It actually is not the tallest Mountain in Switzerland, standing at 14,690 ft. Monte Rosa, located in the same Alp range… Continue reading The Matterhorn

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JMT & Mt Whitney

About to embark on the JMT The trek is underway.  Hiking the John Muir Trail has been high on the list for years. So when the opportunity arose, the planning began.  This trek is the result of months and months of planning.  Menus were made, exercise regimes executed, equipment accounted for, dymoxin taken, permits secured and tickets… Continue reading JMT & Mt Whitney