Surfing in Portugal

During the summer we visited Portugal and enjoyed a week-long surf camp and this year we thought we'd try our luck at spring surfing.  Portugal is known for its waves and has even been referred to as the European Pipeline. We are not seasoned surfers, just vacation surfers, so of course we knew we would … Continue reading Surfing in Portugal

Adventures in Akihabara

  If you find yourself visiting Tokyo, you must not miss out on a visit to Akihabara. When we travel we like to find a local who can give us a guide around town. We used Akibaland Tours and were rather impressed. We signed up for the day tour around Akihabara. We met with our tour guide … Continue reading Adventures in Akihabara

Our Move Abroad

A few years back I was bitten by a travel bug and this is how it came about. Our first trip to Europe was over 9 years ago We traveled to Italy with my parents and Then 6 months later we found ourselves living in Europe. I know we sound crazy and looking back … Continue reading Our Move Abroad

Onda Blu Aquak Park

We spent most of our days laying on the beach but made it to the water-slides one day.  Onda Blu Aqua Park was an experience to say the least. For a country that finds many rules optional we were surprise how rigid they were at this water-park. You ask what the kids are wearing on … Continue reading Onda Blu Aquak Park

Città Sant’Angelo

Città Sant'Angelo is a quaint little hill Italian town in the Abruzzo region of Italy  Daddy is a sucker for his little girl. She can't seem to get a shoulder ride out of her mommy but a small "bitte" from his little girl, and he has a new passenger.  Città Sant'Angelo is a small town but … Continue reading Città Sant’Angelo

Camping Italia

We kicked our summer off by heading to Italy to camp with our good friends. My girlfriend and I decided we would take our kids camping for a week in Italy. We have a favorite campsite only a 2 1/2 hr drive from our house. Now don't get too's not typical camping, it's more like … Continue reading Camping Italia