Skiing in the Dolomites

The Dolomites are in the Northeastern part of Italy encompassing the provinces of Belluno, South Tyrol, and Trentino. The whole area is actually a UNESCO world heritage site and we were lucky enough to finally make a visit there. We decided we wanted to take a family ski trip this year and, although Switzerland is … Continue reading Skiing in the Dolomites


This last weekend was beautiful and we spent it in Amden, about a 45 min drive from our home in Zuerich. The Schneeplausch Cabin Our church was hosting a schneeplausch (snow retreat) in Amden. We opted out on the sleeping to avoid torturing our friends with our baby at night. Instead we sent the boys up … Continue reading Amden


We spent a Saturday on the slopes with some friends the other week. It was foggy and gloomy at home but with a 45 min drive and gondola ride up the mountain, it was blue skies and beautiful. Riding up the old school tow-rope. All strapped on in warm clothes. She's a really good sport. … Continue reading Sattel-Hochstuckli


The boys had a day off last week so we hit the slopes. We are hoping this is the season the boys can be more independent and Jay and I can finally hit the slopes together. Yeah!!! Riding the gondola up. The baby is such a great sport being hauled around in the cold. Riding … Continue reading Flumserberg

Mont Blanc/Monte Bianco

Mont Blanc/Monte Bianco is the highest Mountain in Western Europe at 4,810 m (15,781 ft). The summit of the Mountain is on the French/Italian border.We took a gondola ride up to Aiguille du Midi (highest Vertical ascent cable car in the world) The view from the top was breath-taking (my favorite mountain trip by far). … Continue reading Mont Blanc/Monte Bianco