Skiing Carì in Switzerland (Ticino/Tessin)

It’s no secret, Switzerland is full of ski resorts (over 300), from small local hills, to massive resorts. Ticino hosts a few of these ski areas with many of them being smaller family-friendly ski areas. Carì is a small resort and about an hour drive from Lugano, Switzerland.

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Skiing in the Dolomites

The Dolomites are in the Northeastern part of Italy encompassing the provinces of Belluno, South Tyrol, and Trentino. The whole area is actually a UNESCO world heritage site and we were lucky enough to finally make a visit there.

We decided we wanted to take a family ski trip this year and, although Switzerland is an obvious choice, we wanted to try something new. So, we pulled out the map and started scouting out the Dolomites. There are plenty of ski resorts to choose from but we settled on Paganella in the village of Andalo.

We stayed five minutes outside of Andalo in Molveno Italy. Molveno is a quaint town situated on a lake with a little town square. It is scattered with restaurants and boutique hotels. We traveled this time with another family so we decided to rent a home together.

The ski resort of Paganella was a great family resort. They have a handful of ski schools you can choose from.  The adult all day ski pass was 42 Euros. Which for a resort of its size seemed like an incredible price. They were running a promotion when while we were there and our family of 5 was able to ski for 155 Euros a day. WOW! What a deal.



As far as the slopes were concerned, there were many beginner/medium runs. For advanced skiers, there was only one black run, but it did happen to be the training run for the Norwegian Olympic Ski team.



I feel like we have not even made a dent in our skiing in the Dolomites. This was our first trip of many to come.  There are so many resorts we would like to try. Have you been skiing in the Dolomites? Do you have a recommendation? We would love to hear from you.


This last weekend was beautiful and we spent it in Amden, about a 45 min drive from our home in Zuerich.

The Schneeplausch Cabin

Our church was hosting a schneeplausch (snow retreat) in Amden. We opted out on the sleeping to avoid torturing our friends with our baby at night. Instead we sent the boys up with friends on Friday and meet up on Saturday.

Well rested little miss enjoyed sledding all day.

Coming in for a Lunch Break

Obvious signs of spring skiing, patches of dirt. Other factors to note. You know you are skiing in Switzerland when….
1.You have to ski around homes on the mountain
2. When you share the hill with sledders.
There are plenty of other factors (ie tow ropes out number lifts) but for sake of this post we just note the above.


Back at the cabin the kids played games and we stayed for dinner.

Wanna take a dip? This is an old school, wood fire hot tub they had at the cabin. Just add some wood, wait a few hours, and it’s ready to go….. 🙂


Beautiful Switzerland

The sun has been out over a week here (gasp) and is quickly melting the snow away.


What a view…….Enjoying the sun set

Samoens ski holiday


We rented a ski-chalet in Samoëns France with our friends for a week. We had 8 adults and 9 kids all together. It was a great holiday. Best of all we put the kids in ski-school for a whole week and they are skiing so well now.

The ski/snowboard group. They had 6 days of lessons and all really improved on their skills. A few days were sunshiny and beautiful but a few were super snowy, the kids were troopers.

Blue skies. That’s my kind of skiing, not a big fan of the stormy days. And Mom, No I did not ski with the baby attached to me…..I  know you are wondering.

All of my boys riding the chair lift up together.


Tanya, Megan and I getting ready for a fun day on the slopes together.

Jenna was such a good sport. She had never skied until this season. She enrolled herself in classes all week long and was an awesome skier by the end of the week. My favorite story was her ski instructor who carried a bottle of schnapps and offered it to the whole class. So funny!

Taking a break in the restaurant. The nice thing about being in France was the delicious pastries we could consume while skiing.

SURF snowboarding together and ski school for the little ones


After snowboarding in a CRAZY storm. We skied one day in a white-out. Jason and I were coming down a run and literally could not see anything!! It took forever to get down the mountain with the snow pelting us the whole way down. I am a fair weather skier for sure.

That’s Mont Blanc (15,781 ft) behind me. It was beautiful when the skies were clear to see it!

Getting ready to board together. We are so excited that this season we were able to venture off bunny hills with the boys. It’s fun being able to actually ski/board with them.

Some family time on the slopes.


We spent a Saturday on the slopes with some friends the other week. It was foggy and gloomy at home but with a 45 min drive and gondola ride up the mountain, it was blue skies and beautiful.

Riding up the old school tow-rope.

All strapped on in warm clothes. She’s a really good sport.


Sattel-Hochstuckli is a great little family friendly ski hill. You can easily reach it from Zuerich and it does not ever to seem to be overly crowded.

I think this picture is so cool. You can see how the fog just settles in between the mountains. SO with a quick ride back down the gondola we are back in the fog. I know why everyone goes to the mountains on the weekends, to get a SUN fix.