A Classy, Majestic Resort in the Swiss Alps — Grand Resort Bad Ragaz

Positioned in a valley surrounded by magnificent Swiss Alps, lies the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz. I have heard so many excellent things about Bad Ragaz but, until now, I have not had a chance to visit. I was blown away by the experience and wish I’d visited sooner. It’s a perfect place for a vacation for relaxation and wellness. In fact, I think the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is like Disneyland for adults, as everything you could want is in one resort. It is not a resort just for mature adults, it caters to family and young couples. The diversity of choices for restaurants and activities offers something for everyone.

Bad Ragaz is famous for their healing waters, their 36.5 celsius thermal waters, the perfect bath temperature. They have an abundance of indoor and outdoor pools, spas and saunas. In total, there are over 7300 square meters of natural thermal pools in the resort. What an incredible feature to offer your hotel guests.

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