Italy, Trip Snapshot

Highlights in Venice

I find Venice to be a magical place.  Really, there is no other place like it. From the car-less streets to the hundreds of bridges, Venice is one of a kind. Tourist flock to Venice making it nearly impossible to walk down some of the narrow street-ways (especially if you are pushing a stroller). But… Continue reading Highlights in Venice

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The Matterhorn

Many are familiar with the Matterhorn because of the Disneyland ride, but a visit to the real Matterhorn will not disappoint. The Matterhorn is located in Southern Switzerland on the border of Italy and Switzerland.  It actually is not the tallest Mountain in Switzerland, standing at 14,690 ft. Monte Rosa, located in the same Alp range… Continue reading The Matterhorn

Italy, Trip Snapshot

Trip Snapshot: Sardinia

For this week's trip snapshot will be on the relaxing beaches in Sardinia Fly, Drive, or Boat? We flew to Sardinia on Easy Jet. (Not sure why we constantly torture ourselves with discounter airlines, but sometimes the deals are too good to pass up) There are quite a few discounter airlines that fly into Sardinia.… Continue reading Trip Snapshot: Sardinia

France, Trip Snapshot

Trip Snapshot: Strasbourg

One of my favorite cities to visit in the Alsace regions of France is Strasbourg.  Strasbourg is a enjoyable mix of France with a German influence, from food to shops. A must see is Strasbourg's main attraction the Cathedrale Notre Dame de Strasbourg. This breathtaking church was built in the 1200s.  Visitors are always welcome,… Continue reading Trip Snapshot: Strasbourg

France, Trip Snapshot

Trip Snapshot: French Riveria

Destination:  Nice, France The city of Nice is located on the French Riviera in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur. Fly, Drive or Train?   We drove from Zurich to Nice.  We use Mappy to calculate what the road tolls will be. Switzerland requires a Vignette to drive on their highways. It's only chf 40 yearly but driving in… Continue reading Trip Snapshot: French Riveria