How to fly in Europe for under $50 Roundtrip

  Since we just returned from vacation, I would like to explain how we picked our destination. We frequently let prices dictate where we travel.  About 3 months ago we sat down and searched Skyscanner for our vacations this year. We like to search  Skyscanner for ideas.  It is our favorite discount airline search engine.  Skyscanner has … Continue reading How to fly in Europe for under $50 Roundtrip

Apotheke, Farmacia, Pharmacie, Lékárna…..

  We've had our fair share with medical emergencies abroad, from a spider fish attack in Portugal, to severe dehydration in Spain, to a staff infection in France, and everything in-between.  No matter what the health issue it can be quite frighting in another Country, especially if you can't communicate. I am going to try … Continue reading Apotheke, Farmacia, Pharmacie, Lékárna…..

Preparing for your trip: Health Information

When you travel abroad you more than likely will want to know what type of vaccinations are recommended for your visiting country. My family and I have obtained a WHO (World Health Organization) Vaccination card to keep track of all of our vaccinations.  Knowing what vaccinations are needed where you are traveling is important. The … Continue reading Preparing for your trip: Health Information

Don’t get lost….

Want to avoid getting lost abroad? We've found the best way to navigate through unfamiliar countries is to pre-cache maps onto our phones.  We have 2 different map apps we use, MotionX-GPS (iphone) and Locus Free  (Android).  Before leaving on holiday we pre-load the maps. We use way points to locate our hotel, restaurants, parking, … Continue reading Don’t get lost….

Holiday Homes & Hotels

A great find in Vernazza Where you stay on a holiday really can make a difference.  Whether it be a hotel, 5 star Resort, in the city or in the country, do your research.  Before committing to any I always check the reviews on trip advisor or the site itself. Most of the time we … Continue reading Holiday Homes & Hotels

Traveling with Pets

If we are not flying somewhere we take our dog with us. This ads a new dynamic to traveling.  Thankfully Europe is pretty pet friendly, sadly sometimes more than kid friendly.  When traveling in the EU and Switzerland your dog must have a European Microchip. You also need to have a Pet Passport for your … Continue reading Traveling with Pets