Hiking stunning rock villages in Ticino – Foroglio to Calnègia

Vallemaggia, located in the most southern part of Switzerland, has some truly magnificent villages to explore. Think Lord of the Rings — enchanted villages……something straight out a fairytale. This idyllic area makes for the perfect place to explore.

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Hiking to Sassariente in Ticino (Tessin)

Hiking in Switzerland never ceases to amaze me. I am sure we have clocked hundreds of miles in many pairs of shoes hiking in the Swiss Alps, but we experienced a first for us on our last hike, an Alpine Trail. The final stretch up to Sassariente is classified as an Alpine Trail, which can be very dangerous. Luckily the Alpine Trail is only the final stretch of the hike and then you are awarded with breathtaking views over Lago Maggiore.

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Riding the Bernina Express Train in Switzerland

Route:St. Moritz / Pontresina – Tirano, Italy
Duration:2 hours (1 direction)

We finally got to experience the Bernina Express train and I must say it was AMAZING. Crossing over the Swiss Alps on this little red train (UNESCO World Heritage railway) is a wonderful way to soak in the sights of beautiful Switzerland. The Bernina Express is the highest-altitude train in Europe climbing over the Ospizio Bernina at 2,253 meters.

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